IAQ UK is an independent organisation with the aim of 'raising the agenda of indoor air quality within the home and workplace'

IAQUK Training

IAQUK Awareness Certificate

Following the success of the IAQ Awareness Certificate, IAQUK will be offering a new 5 day IAQTech Certificate.

The programme will provide comprehensive training for facilities and health & safety practitioners, HVAC technicians, duct and industrial cleaning companies, building owners, local authorities and those with an interesting in measuring IAQ.

How can you learn more about indoor air quality?

IAQUK Technician Certificate

Course Details

  • 1 day classroom certificate

  • £212.50 (IAQUK Members)
  • £250.00 (non IAQUK members)

  • In House Customized Training
  • £1,000.00 (Maximum 15 people)


It is not merely enough to understand the world, we should change it for the better

IAQUK offer comprehensive training aimed at practitioners to assist with a dynamic understanding of indoor air quality and the effects of health, comfort and productivity.

Managing indoor air quality is challenging because it crosses many disciplinary boundaries, including architecture, building science, occupational health and human behaviour; and covers many types of variables relating to buildings, including their layout and technology, the organisations which occupy them, the management styles and the people themselves. Due to the importance of energy conservation, buildings are using air more efficiently within sealed buildings. As we commonly spend more than 90% of our time indoors, the air we breathe is critical to our health, comfort and productivity.

Our courses will provide the participant with practical guidance on how to achieve effective air quality in the workplace for optimum working conditions. It will explore the methods used to identify, assess and monitor the effectiveness of their ventilation system and will outline legislation and best practice for effective ventilation. The course will incorporate a comprehensive melange of technical disciplines which will assist the attendee to transfer technical knowledge to practical application.
Learning Outcomes

  • Outline the scope and nature of indoor air quality;
  • Explain the benefits of good IAQ and the consequences of poor IAQ;
  • Describe the types and components of ventilation systems;
  • Outline the process for investigating IAQ complaints;
  • Identify the sources of contamination / preventive measures to adopt;
  • Describe techniques and methodology for surveying and monitoring;
  • Conduct risk assessments of IAQ.

Distinguishable Features of Proposal

  • Offering UK best practice and guidance;
  • Demonstrating linkage between IAQ and productivity and performance;
  • Providing practical, unambiguous advice for non-technical practitioner;
  • Supplement with current research for further reading;
  • The only UK comprehensive training program for IAQ with modern theories and practical applications.

Methods for evaluation:

  • Revision Questions;
  • Group exercises;
  • IAQ Game;
  • Written examination.

Method of Delivery 

  • Classroom style with PowerPoint;
  • Practical examples of IAQ equipment monitoring;
  • Example IAQ reports.

Who’ll benefit

  • Health and safety professionals, occupational health staff, occupational hygienists and managers with building responsibilities.
  • No previous knowledge required, however a basic understanding of COSHH would be an advantage.


  • Identifying, investing and resolving IAQ concerns
  • The Built Environment
  • Ventilation
  • Comfort, health, productivity and perception
  • Type of contaminates
  • Sampling and Methodology
  • Proactive IAQ Management
  • Role of IAQ Technician

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  • £650.00 per person
  • (15% discount for IAQUK members)

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